• About LRAA

Leadership Richardson is a program of the Richardson, Texas, Chamber of Commerce. The program’s vision is to serve as the catalyst for progressive and effective leadership in the Richardson community. The Leadership Richardson Alumni Association (LRAA) is open to anyone who has completed the year-long Leadership Richardson program.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Leadership Richardson Alumni Association (LRAA)   is to positively impact our community by connecting and inspiring members in leadership.

The Leadership Richardson Alumni Association was created in 1986 to provide Leadership Richardson graduates with a continued mechanism to:

  • Challenge the Process: Create active, not passive, leadership opportunities where members seek better ways of doing things. 
  • Inspire a Shared Vision: LRAA members see a better future and inspire commitment that draws others willingly toward exciting possibilities.
  • Enable Others to Act: We help those who share the vision to feel a sense of empowerment and ownership. 
  • Model the Way: LRAA members lead plans of action while maintaining the respect of others.
  • Encourage the Heart: Motivated supporters continue when they are tempted to give up. LRAA members shows others they can win with visible signs of encouragement and genuine acts of caring.

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