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Richardson Youth Leadership is a program for high school juniors attending an RISD high school, or a non-public high school student living in Richardson or the RISD boundaries. During a period of nine months, students spend one afternoon or morning a month at various sites in the Richardson area learning about their community. Activities are designed to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Session topics may include leadership, social and cultural issues, volunteerism, education, city government, business, health care, and criminal justice. Current sophomores may visit the link below for the application and recommendation forms. You may also contact your counselor for information and forms. The application deadline for the 2019-2020 program is April 12, 2019. 

For more information please feel free to contact Blake Lewis, RYL Director 2019-2020 at blewis@threeboxstrategic.com.

Why Richardson Youth Leadership?

To provide leadership training to Richardson youth in order to develop an awareness and understanding of the dynamics of a highly complex, rapidly changing technological, global, society.

What Will I Learn?

Richardson Youth Leadership is a program developed by the Leadership Richardson Alumni Association in cooperation with the Richardson Independent School District, which offers you an exciting opportunity to develop your leadership potential. Through participation in hands-on activities, you will enhance your awareness of the dynamics of our highly complex, rapidly changing technological and global society.

How Can I Be Selected?

You are invited to apply for participation in the program if you are currently a high school sophomore. Students will earn 1.0 local credit on their transcripts after successful completion of the program.

Students from each high school will be selected for the program based on applications and letter of recommendation from a school staff member, an employer, or other person in the community. Participants will be chosen by a Selection Committee appointed by the Leadership Richardson Alumni Association. Students will represent a cross-section of the community.

Students applying for the program must have an interest in acquiring leadership skills and be willing to make a significant time commitment. Cost for the program is $200. Scholarships are available for students who qualify. Contact your counselor for more information.

What is the Program?

During a period of nine months, you will spend one afternoon per month at various sites in the Richardson area. You will participate in activities designed to enhance your leadership and teamwork skills. Through interaction with a wide range of respected business and civic leaders who will be presenters at each of the program sessions, you will develop an understanding of community needs and the challenges facing you as a future leader.

The Richardson Youth Leadership curriculum may include the following programs and topics: Orientation, Leadership, Social and Cultural Issues, Education, Government and Politics, Richardson and the Business Community, Criminal Justice, and Wellness.

Meet Richardson Youth Leadership class 2017-2018.  This photo was taken at our Government day session.  The students had a chance to meet the Mayor and city council.  They also had an opportunity to run a mock city council meeting to learn how city government works.  What a better way to learn to be a leader of the community.

Ways that YOU can help RYL?

Be a director – The leader of the program is a board position on the LRAA (Leadership Richardson Alumni Association) This person coordinates the applications.  Forms the class and holds information sessions for the parents and pebbles.  This person also coordinates all communication and the logistics for the program.  With this position it is recommended that be mentored for a year before serving as the director.

Be a Pebble - Leadership Richardson has Rocks that help the groups put the day’s activities together in RYL we have Pebbles.  These pebbles help find the location for our events and put together the day’s activities.  Traditionally they are LR alumni who want to help and give back to the community.

Be on the selection committee – One time a year, usually in April the selection committee comes together to evaluate the applications that we have received and decide on who will be accepted into the program.  It is a one evening event that usually last 2-4 hours.

Host the program – If your business would like to host the class for one of our days we would love to hear from you.  Just talk to the director of the program and we can get you all the details.

Recommend students – Each student has to have a recommendation letter.  Volunteer to write one for a future student or encourage those students you know to learn about the program.

To volunteer for any of these positions, please contact Blake Lewis, RYL Director 2019-2020 at blewis@threeboxstrategic.com or any other board member.

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