Leadership Richardson Alumni Association

We were taught in our respective, and best, classes of LR, that we do not graduate from leadership, but into it. LRAA is a great organization to continually reinvest in our community. And, to stay in touch with other leaders in the community – in each class and beyond.

For a bargain price of $50 a year for individuals, $80 for couples, you can have access to the LRAA directory, free admission into many LRAA events, and help others to participate in future LR and RYL classes.

Renew your membership today, and consider investing in the future of our community.

And part of that reinvestment involves your availability to serve.  In order to connect and serve with other like-minded leaders, please take a few moments to update your records in our Alumni Directory.  This contact information is an important way to continue the tradition of service for which Leadership Richardson is known.

Why Join LRAA?

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